Horse in me, run playing

HorseInMe&Frnds_LR-8629Photo Baldwin Henderson

7 AprilĀ 2017 | Cafe Averechts | Utrecht

14, 16 & 18 September 2016 | BALLĀ  (Horse in me, run as guest) | Rood Noot, Utrecht

30th of July 2016 | Benefit Festival: De Dood of de Gladiolen | De Ruimte, Amsterdam Noord | 15.00 – 00.00 hrs

13th of July 2016 | Horse in me, run | De Kring, Amsterdam | 20.30 hrs

25th of June 2016 | Horse in me, run & guests | Rood Noot, Utrecht | 17 – 22 hrs




“I love the raw atmosphere, the energy, the rough sound of the guitar and the natural sound of your voice. I can really see Icelandic landscapes in your music. I love the flow of Ragnarok. It sounds really honest and promising.” (Gudlaug Drofn Olafsdottir, Icelandic jazzsinger)

The land of ashes and smoke

‘Horse in me, run’ is a band. And a musical journey through Iceland. To the land of ashes and smoke. To the nature, myths, and magic.

Leela (writer and singer):
What inspires me so much about Iceland is the magical and breathtaking landscapes – with so many colours and details. The weather changes the landscapes from moment to moment and it almost becomes the landscapes of my emotions. Of my thoughts. Thoughts like clouds. Changing and moving with the wind. Coming. Going. Travelling.

And the landscapes are so full of myths and stories. Of the hidden people, elves and their houses and churches. Of trolls turned into stone and mountains. The air is embracingly soft, the space wide and charged at the same time. With stories and viking songs and sagas; of love, war, fighting, longing, leaving, losing, finding, dying and the vast endlessness. There is a raw softness to it all. It is like paradise at one hand – no snakes, clean air and water drinkable from the running streams. And at the same time – hell is just under our feet. Ready to burst, roar, explode and burn. The land of smoke and ashes. Broken, ripped and torn landscapes. Of ground that moves and makes us move.

I let my self be inspired and wrote the words and songs that came up in me on my travel to Iceland. And together with the musicians upon arrival we made music out of it – to make our thoughts take wings and ride the horse of time. And to invite you to join.

Leela May Stokholm 2015

(All photos taken by Leela May Stokholm during her travel to Iceland in June 2015.)