Horse in me, run‘ is an Amsterdam based Indie Folk band. Or rather Adventous Pop Improvisation. Or maybe to make it simple; a musical journey through Iceland.

It is a dynamic mixture of jazz, funk, worldmusic, atmospheric ballads and improvised playfulness. Based on the poetic texts and songs of theatremaker and performer Leela May Stokholm (voice) together with the layered and virtous playing of Jornt Duyx (guitar, piano, loops & electronics) & Robbert van Hulzen (drums and more), the listener is taken through the landscapes, colors, mythology and magic of the land of ice, ash and smoke.

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In June 2015 Leela travelled to Iceland to further develop existing material and to create new songs and texts. Inspired my the magic island where the Nordic mythology still is interwoven in the culture and landscapes. Back in the Netherlands she presented the material to Jornt and Robbert. Together, through improvisation, they created the songs they performed during an hour long concert at Roodnoot on the 27th of June. It turned out to be so beautiful that they decided to continue.

‘Horse in me’ developed from a research Leela started in November 2013 on the subject breath. During a residence at Roodnoot (Utrecht, the Netherlands) she started writing texts and made a short performance called – How I became a horse. In a second phase on Sicily (Italy) during her residence at Trasformatorio songs started coming into the process. And she ended her stay with holding a concert in the open chapel of a medieval castle of the little village Montalbano Elicona in the mountains.

Suddenly ‘Horse in me’ had become a musical project. She held more concerts (a.o. The Toilet Gallery in Berlin, Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam) playing on a self made instrument, while developing more material during travels and residences (at Pixelache, Finland, Roodnoot). She also started collaborating with other musicians (Timon Koomen, Jornt Duyx and latest Robbert van Hulzen)

The texts and songs are created through improvisation and by letting herself be inspired from the landscapes, atmospheres, myths and stories she finds during her travels. Always somehow connected to the theme breath.

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Leela May Stokholm (DK/ GB, 1979) is an independent theatremaker/ director, performer, singer, visual artist and writer. Originally from Copenhagen, DK she in 2000 came to Amsterdam to study modern dance at the Modern Theatre Dance School. After a year she changed to study at the Mime School where she in 2005 graduated as theatremaker/ director and performer. In her own work she combines her different skills and talents, creating physical, visual, humoristic and poetically layered performances. Her work touches in a direct and moving way in the open and inviting relation she creates with the audience. Often working from and with improvisation she respects the real time and space of the happening. Throughout her own work she continually collaborated with musicians in different ways. Since 2012 she started teaching voice improvisation (Briesen) at the Mime School in Amsterdam.

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Jornt Duyx (NL, 1983) works as a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist in various projects. Inspired by a broad range of musical styles his music makes cross connections between all these influences. During his master at the Utrecht School of Music and Technology, Jornt has primarily focused on composing and producing his own work. His development as a composer and multi-instrumentalist combined with a technological focus gave him the opportunity to work completely autonomous.
After graduation he has worked in many different small projects, bands and ensembles. Always with elements of both strict compositions and free improvisation. The combination of composition, improvisation and music production next to the skills on several instruments enable him to shape musical ideas with few restrictions. His music can be described as playful, melodic and rhythmically layered.

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Robbert van Hulzen (NL) Drummer & composer. Robbert enjoys playing somewhere in the full-colour twilight of improvisation, rock, and new music, with echoes from India and Indonesia. He enjoys playing meticulously prepared percussion parts as much as exploring the sound possibilities of a relatively standard drum kit and working with dance and theatre. In the past, he worked with many different groups and projects, including gallery jazz trio oto.3, the English composer/producer Nitin Sawhney, mathpunk band Lola Montez, multimedia wizard Merlijn Twaalfhoven, and abstract folk duo Rara Avis. He studied musicology at the University of Amsterdam, and drums and performance with Steve Clover, MT Rajakesari, BC Manjunath, and Rafael Reina (at the Amsterdam Conservatory), and played in venues varying from the Royal Albert Hall to Iranian underground galleries.